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It was with great regret that we had to cancel the HSCG 2020 Conference in Hartford, CT. (See COVID-19 Conference Statement)

HOWEVER, we are pleased to announce the Social Distancing Conference Series available to all members of the HSCG!

Making Hand Sanitizer
HSCG Member Insurance coverage for hand sanitizer
Legislative Advocacy
HSCG advocating for makers in Washington
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Away from marketing hype and advertising slogans, consumers can discover factual information about handcrafted soap and cosmetics. How is soap made? What ingredients are used? The Soap Gallery and the Cosmetic Gallery show examples of beautiful, artisnal products. Finally, the 手机如何看youtube and Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Directory provide ways to locate handcrafted soap or cosmetics available to purchase.

2. To act as a center of communication among, and to circulate information beneficial to, members of the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry.

The HSCG works to provide important information to everyone in the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry through the HSCG website, Local Chapters, and on social media, especially our Facebook page. In addition, any person may Register on the site to receive any of our eNewsletters.

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Education and training for all members of the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry is of major importance to the HSCG. Soap and cosmetic making classes are listed on the HSCG website. The Annual Conference is open to both members and non-members and provides 3 days of classes and sessions at all levels on many subjects of interest. The 怎么使用youtube offers year-round access to articles and videos on a variety of topics and is adding new subject matter regularly.

For members, the HSCG offers a Certification Program with four levels (Basic, Advanced, Expert and Master) along three tracks (Cold/Hot Process Soapmaking, Melt & Pour Soapmaking and Cosmetic Making).

4. To represent the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry in matters concerning legislation and regulations affecting the industry.

New legislation at both the Federal and State levels is a major concern for the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry. The HSCG has been involved with Legislative Advocacy for over 10 years, representing the industry in many meetings each year with Members of Congress and others in Washington DC.

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The Soap Gallery and the Cosmetic Gallery show spectacular examples of beautiful, artisnal products. Our Store Locator can help you find any brick-and-mortar locations near you where you can go and purchase handcrafted products. Alternatively, our iphone手机怎么如何下载youtube-经管之家官网!:上面的使用方法是要在能上youtube的前提下才可以完成的,下面我附上在iphone手机上什么设置VPN上youtube这个网站: 第一步:点击桌面上的“设置”图标进入设置 第二步:点击“通用”进入通用设置 第三步:点击“网络”,进入网络设置 第四步:点击“VPN”进入VPN provides ways to locate handcrafted soap or cosmetics makers by location or name, with products available online or in person.

For more information about handcrafted soap or cosmetics in general, how products are made, and what they contain, see 手机如何上外网.

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The HSCG provides a wide range of information and resources for those who make (or want to make) handcrafted soap and cosmetics. For materials and supplies, check 怎么使用youtube. For articles, videos and podcasts about all aspects of making and selling handcrafted products, see the 手机如何上外网. In particular, check out 手机怎么上youtube which has over 30 podcasts on subjects of interest, and the Cut to the Trace eZine.

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Every year the HSCG hosts an Annual Conference. The location rotates around the country to make it more accessible. The 手机如何看youtubewill be held in Anaheim, CA starting on May 8, 2021 and running for 4 days. Optional intensive seminars are held on the first day; sessions along three tracks (Maker, Business and Advanced) are held on the remaining days.

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The HSCG is membership-supported and there are many reasons why you should join!. There are a myriad of benefits including the best general and product liability insurance in the industry when compared other insurance options available to handcrafted soap and cosmetic makers.

Membership in the HSCG are available for both professional level makers and those who are just starting out.